Desert Patterns

I have re-skinned this here blog because I have had more and more occasions lately to tell people they can find me here, but wasn’t at all happy with how the previous homepage turned out, so was starting to feel actually embarrassed to give people my URL.

The new theme is Brian Gardner’s Bright Mode with a custom Front Page template I built via the Site Editor (which still feels like magic to me as a WordPress Old) and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. There’s more to do here, like filling out my top navigation a bit and making the full post archive available more readily.

As the continued degradation of Twitter continues and we’re back to circa-2005 levels of all joining the different apps to see which one takes, I am trying to take the opportunity to lessen my dependence on it and post more here.

Part of that was adding the “Reading” block to the homepage, thinking I could share quotes from articles I’m reading via the WordPress or Jetpack app, using the share sheet functionality. But wow, is that a mess.

If a create a post directly in one of the apps, it opens the block editor, but if I try to share a quote via the iOS share sheet behavior, it opens as a classic editor post, and pastes the URL as text, rather than embedding it in an anchor. It’s fussy to swap the post save behavior to “Save as Draft” rather than “Publish,” so I logged in here today to convert multiple article posts to blocks and format the citations properly. Messy.

IDK, but I feel like the mobile share workflow has got to get better if we’re going to go back to blogging instead of posting from our social apps. (Seems like more widespread support for Post Formats could be helpful here too, just sayin’.)