Even. More. Hugs.

More late night conversation around the fire pit. Companionable gossip over the phone while doing chores. Seeing more whole faces. Posting more selfies so your friends can tell you how gorgeous/fierce/glorious you are.

More telling our people we love them and not caring if it’s awkward. More letting our people love us back.

Knowing who would not hesitate replace us tomorrow if they no longer found us useful, knowing to whom we are completely irreplaceable, and prioritizing our time, energy, and treasure appropriately.

More good food shared. More good books read. More connection, less escape.

More doing exactly what you want, and less doing what someone else thinks you should do.

More afternoon naps. More sleeping in. Less revenge bedtime procrastination. More staying up for just one more chapter read, just one more row knitted, just one more sleepy snuggle.

More fuzzy blankets on the couch. Fuzzy slippers on your feet.

More beauty in the everyday.