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  • Sometimes, you CAN blame your tools.

    I got caught up in an Instagram/YouTube rabbit hole the other day (YouTube rabbit holes: for more than just Nazi recruitment!) and ended up on this video about cheap vs. quality water color paper: I’d been hearing forever that “Arches is the best! Just use Arches!” but a. that stuff is expensive, and b. they […]

  • Sunday afternoon art time

    …while the husband and some play Mario Party in the other room. 😍 This is a kit from Let’s Make Art. They send you instructions, a reference image, watercolor paper, paints, an outline (where appropriate) and provide a YouTube tutorial so you can paint along. There are things I’d like to be different about this […]

  • Painted a thing

    Painted a thing

    I have a couple of FineTec palettes and rarely remember to use them, but they’re just the thing for painting Christmas tree ornaments. I also used some metallic and white pens to augment- some Uniball Signos and a Gelly Roll.

  • Just paint something

    Just paint something

    Sometimes I just spend the Hour of Tiff puttering, or catching up on a show. But I’m trying to spend it on a creative hobby at least a few times per week. Today, I did a quick watercolor of some koi. Just to paint something.