Timestamped link to my talk in the WC Montclair livestream.

I got to give my WordPress beginner-focused talk at WordCamp Montclair this weekend, and since I had to cancel last-minute for WordCamp Buffalo, I’m pretty sure this is my first time speaking in front of an in-person audience since COVID! It felt great, and way more comfortable than giving a webinar.

I want to continue developing and refining this talk; the more I give it, the more ideas I get for how to make it more useful and less of an “excited person brain dumps for 15 minutes then takes questions” kind of situation. Though I do like keeping it short, because I think the real value of it definitely comes in the Q&A portion.

And I clearly need to invest in a proper presentation remote already; clearly using a phone app is not the way.

Here is the version of the deck associated with this iteration of the talk: