• Friday Five

    One We went to Barcelona last month and loved it. I studied Spanish to the AP level in high school and what I discovered on this trip is that it’s all still in there, and if I use it, it comes back rapidly. So I’ve dusted off my Duolingo account for some daily practice. But […]

  • Friday Five – Almost Halloween Edition

    Back when personal blogging was more of a thing, the Friday Five was a place to put shorter thoughts and ideas: things that didn’t rate their own posts. Inspired by my friend and former colleague Chuck Grimmett’s weekly update posts, it seems like a good way to start re-building the blogging muscles. One It’s not […]

  • This post was originally a Twitter thread, but I delete my tweets after three months. So I’m preserving it here. A while back, after feeling shamed by– of all things– an XKCD cartoon, I started adopting a posture of delight when someone tells me they haven’t seen/heard/read some bit of culture that I consider essential […]