• Sustaining the unsustainable.

    Now that we’ve been in physical distancing mode for a few weeks, I’m trying to get out of bunker mentality and figure out how to live like this for a while. Depending on who you ask and which theory of the the testing numbers they subscribe to, we could be doing this straight through for […]

  • Preparing for Pandemic Parenting Pandemonium

    While state and local governments are scrambling to limit the effects of COVID-19 in their communities, there’s a lot of talk about how to handle being suddenly forced into remote work. Since I work at Automattic, I’m already working remotely and my job will remain largely the same. But I’m anticipating that my 6 year […]

  • Tonight I learned that They Might Be Giants is doing a tour next year for the 30th anniversary of Flood. My delight at this news was tempered by the way I crumbled into dust when I realized that album will indeed be 30 years old next year. It’s hard to overstate the importance of Flood […]

  • Who is cleaning the juicer?

    Who is cleaning the juicer?

    It’s not a new observation, but I’m pretty well done reading articles about productivity and “morning routines to help you win your day” (is my day a competition?) from wealthy dudes* who do not have caregiving responsibilities. Like, you can get up at 5 AM and go for a run in the park and then […]

  • Playgroup Strong

    Playgroup Strong

    Our neighborhood playgroup got an email this morning from one of the parents on it, breaking the news that they have been diagnosed with a medical condition that will require a grueling course of treatment that will likely last months, but also expressing gratitude for the way they knew they could count on us to […]

  • This post was originally a Twitter thread, but I delete my tweets after three months. So I’m preserving it here. A while back, after feeling shamed by– of all things– an XKCD cartoon, I started adopting a posture of delight when someone tells me they haven’t seen/heard/read some bit of culture that I consider essential […]

  • Today is the third anniversary of the day I left the office at my federal contracting job like: That means it’s been three years of working from home. Three years of being home more or less alone all day, hanging with the family in the evening, seeing friends on the weekends. As an introvert, I’ve […]

  • The Hour of Tiff

    The Hour of Tiff

    When I started my new job at Automattic a couple weeks ago, I went from having a lot of time on my hands as a never-busy-enough freelancer to suddenly being at my desk for 8 hours a day during my Happiness Rotation. (On rotation, I have the freedom to decide my own schedule for doing […]