• One: Apple Watch with Family Setup This year, the big Christmas gift for our son Charlie was his own Apple Watch, which we’re able to set up to work without a phone via Apple’s Family Setup feature. Charlie is approaching the age when he can and should be given some more independence, like taking the […]

  • One Somehow I managed to schedule myself a week where I had to record two workshops and a podcast in the span of four days. This was fully accidental. But I think I managed to do okay. Migrating WordPress Sites to PHP 8 – I did this one with my colleagues from iThemes. I Just […]

  • Friday Five, Heat Death of Twitter Edition

    One I was completely ignoring the entire FTX/Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) story until a friend shared a Matt Levine column on it with me, and now I am completely hooked and simply cannot stop reading about it. This guy literally did provide a “balance sheet” to his investors that included a line item called “HIDDEN POORLY […]

  • The Inevitable Mastodon Post

    The Inevitable Mastodon Post

    If you are as extremely, tragically Online as I am, you’ve been seeing the rapid decline of Twitter as the new management aggressively makes decisions almost as though he is trying to lose $44 billion on purpose. Like many of my fellow Extremely Online people, I’ve started the migration to Mastodon. While I will gleefully […]

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    A look back In my last trip around the sun I visited two countries I had never been to before, caught COVID in one of them and had to fend for myself in isolation, launched a product I’m really proud of, identified and (I think) solved some really hard problems, reconnected with some people I […]

  • Friday Five

    One We went to Barcelona last month and loved it. I studied Spanish to the AP level in high school and what I discovered on this trip is that it’s all still in there, and if I use it, it comes back rapidly. So I’ve dusted off my Duolingo account for some daily practice. But […]

  • Friday Five – Almost Halloween Edition

    Back when personal blogging was more of a thing, the Friday Five was a place to put shorter thoughts and ideas: things that didn’t rate their own posts. Inspired by my friend and former colleague Chuck Grimmett’s weekly update posts, it seems like a good way to start re-building the blogging muscles. One It’s not […]

  • Here’s my wish for us in 2022:

    Even. More. Hugs. More late night conversation around the fire pit. Companionable gossip over the phone while doing chores. Seeing more whole faces. Posting more selfies so your friends can tell you how gorgeous/fierce/glorious you are. More telling our people we love them and not caring if it’s awkward. More letting our people love us […]

  • It’s almost never “just a tragic accident.”

    Two weeks ago today, a few blocks from my home, a 5 year old girl named Allison was riding her bike through a crosswalk behind her father when she was killed by a driver. You can read her obituary here, and see a photo of her tiny ghost bike here. In the time since, there […]

  • COVID vaccines and the high-availability websites that distribute them

    Here in DC, members of the general public who want a COVID vaccine register for one on a website where appointments are made available in batches. Eligibility has recently expanded to include people under 65 with certain high-risk medical conditions, which means a larger group than ever is attempting to book one of the 4000 […]