• Post Status Draft #137

    Post Status Draft #137

    I had a great conversation with Cory Miller of Post Status about some of the work I’m doing at Nexcess and how it relates to decentralization and owning your own platform. As always happens when Cory and I get to talking, we ended up going for nearly double the length of the actual published episode;…

  • I Just Got This WordPress And Don’t Know How To Use It – Learn WordPress

    I gave a workshop (more of a talk, really) on what to do when you’ve just been handed the keys to a WordPress site and have never used WordPress before. This session is geared for the complete beginner who has just inherited a site. They might be volunteering for a nonprofit or community organization, or…

  • Migrating WordPress Sites to PHP 8: iThemes Training

    My colleagues at iThemes invited me to give a training session on what WordPress professionals need to do to migrate the sites they build and care for to PHP 8. This session is geared for WordPress freelancers and micro agencies, folks who are experienced in building and managing sites but may not be developers or…

  • WordSesh 2022

    WordSesh 2022

    For this year’s WordSesh, I’m delivering a session that’s a case study on trying to keep a site online during a viral traffic surge, and a companion workshop where attendees will use the techniques discussed. Learn about #HanktheHellion: Hankarmy.com Case Study Session slidesSession notes from Deborah Edwards-Oroño of Lireo DesignsSummary of 5 WordSesh 2022 presentations,…

  • The Week in WordPress #188

    The Week in WordPress #188

    I guested on The Week in WordPress for the week of 11/29.

  • WooSesh 2021 Workshop

    WooSesh 2021 Workshop

    I gave a workshop at WooSesh 2021 called “10 Secrets for Setting Up Your Store Like a Pro.” This session is free to WooSesh attendees, or available with membership to WPSessions. View the slides:

  • Nexcess Holiday eCommerce Summit 2021

    I participated in Nexcess Holiday eCommerce Summit 2021 with a talk called “Checking it Twice: A Week by Week Checklist for Getting Your Store Ready for the Holidays.” View the full summit playlist:

  • You can also download my slides in PDF form, but to get the full effect, you’ll just have to invite me to speak.

  • A talk on emergency WordPress troubleshooting from the PSU Mac Admins Conference 2018.