• WordSesh 2022

    WordSesh 2022

    For this year’s WordSesh, I’m delivering a session that’s a case study on trying to keep a site online during a viral traffic surge, and a companion workshop where attendees will use the techniques discussed. Learn about #HanktheHellion: Hankarmy.com Case Study Session slidesSession notes from Deborah Edwards-Oroño of Lireo DesignsSummary of 5 WordSesh 2022 presentations, […]

  • The Week in WordPress #188

    The Week in WordPress #188

    I guested on The Week in WordPress for the week of 11/29.

  • WooSesh 2021 Workshop

    WooSesh 2021 Workshop

    I gave a workshop at WooSesh 2021 called “10 Secrets for Setting Up Your Store Like a Pro.” This session is free to WooSesh attendees, or available with membership to WPSessions. View the slides:

  • Nexcess Holiday eCommerce Summit 2021

    I participated in Nexcess Holiday eCommerce Summit 2021 with a talk called “Checking it Twice: A Week by Week Checklist for Getting Your Store Ready for the Holidays.” View the full summit playlist:

  • You can also download my slides in PDF form, but to get the full effect, you’ll just have to invite me to speak.

  • A talk on emergency WordPress troubleshooting from the PSU Mac Admins Conference 2018.