• One: Apple Watch with Family Setup This year, the big Christmas gift for our son Charlie was his own Apple Watch, which we’re able to set up to work without a phone via Apple’s Family Setup feature. Charlie is approaching the age when he can and should be given some more independence, like taking the […]

  • Friday Five, Heat Death of Twitter Edition

    One I was completely ignoring the entire FTX/Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) story until a friend shared a Matt Levine column on it with me, and now I am completely hooked and simply cannot stop reading about it. This guy literally did provide a “balance sheet” to his investors that included a line item called “HIDDEN POORLY […]

  • On remote work

    The point of flexibility isn’t so that you can free up more time so that you can take on a side hustle or sign your kid up for her fifth sports league or just fill it with more work. The point is that you will have more time to 1) figure out who you [are] […]

  • The Fortune 500 as of 2018 had only three black CEOs, all male, and 24 women, and it’s not hard to imagine that this would be a different country if white men didn’t control most of it. A 2011 scholarly paper on climate change denial with the fun title “Cool Dudes” concludes, “We find that conservative white […]