Author: Tiffany Bridge

  • Porto COVID Isolation: Day 6

    Look. The most important thing you need to know about today is this: Which means I can wrap up isolation and actually leave the apartment. Which I did, for a short while: It was everything I dreamed it could be.

  • Porto COVID Isolation, Days 3-5

    Once I settled in and had things like WiFi, food, and cutlery sorted, the last few days have passed pretty quietly. I’ve primarily been cooking my meals, partly to reduce exposure and partly because every attempt at ordering something becomes a fun puzzle to solve where the prize is “you don’t go hungry!” and that […]

  • COVID Isolation Diary, Days 0-2

    After a successful first day in the Nexcess booth for WordCamp Europe, the team had gathered at Belos Aires for dinner and conversation. I was exhausted, which I chalked up to the full day of having my booth face on and the multiple days of pre-parties and networking that had been filling my schedule since […]

  • WordSesh 2022

    WordSesh 2022

    For this year’s WordSesh, I’m delivering a session that’s a case study on trying to keep a site online during a viral traffic surge, and a companion workshop where attendees will use the techniques discussed. Learn about #HanktheHellion: Case Study Session slidesSession notes from Deborah Edwards-Oroño of Lireo DesignsSummary of 5 WordSesh 2022 presentations, […]

  • Red Lipstick for All

    Red Lipstick for All

    A thing I was known for in the Before Times was my lipstick game. I love a bold lip, especially in red. During these last few years of mask-wearing, I missed my lipstick collection. Now that masking is starting to ease up, I’ve been venturing back into red lipstick in situations where I’m dressing up […]

  • Here’s my wish for us in 2022:

    Even. More. Hugs. More late night conversation around the fire pit. Companionable gossip over the phone while doing chores. Seeing more whole faces. Posting more selfies so your friends can tell you how gorgeous/fierce/glorious you are. More telling our people we love them and not caring if it’s awkward. More letting our people love us […]

  • The Week in WordPress #188

    The Week in WordPress #188

    I guested on The Week in WordPress for the week of 11/29.

  • WooSesh 2021 Workshop

    WooSesh 2021 Workshop

    I gave a workshop at WooSesh 2021 called “10 Secrets for Setting Up Your Store Like a Pro.” This session is free to WooSesh attendees, or available with membership to WPSessions. View the slides:

  • Nexcess Holiday eCommerce Summit 2021

    I participated in Nexcess Holiday eCommerce Summit 2021 with a talk called “Checking it Twice: A Week by Week Checklist for Getting Your Store Ready for the Holidays.” View the full summit playlist:

  • It’s almost never “just a tragic accident.”

    Two weeks ago today, a few blocks from my home, a 5 year old girl named Allison was riding her bike through a crosswalk behind her father when she was killed by a driver. You can read her obituary here, and see a photo of her tiny ghost bike here. In the time since, there […]