• Migrating WordPress Sites to PHP 8: iThemes Training

    Migrating WordPress Sites to PHP 8: iThemes Training

    My colleagues at iThemes invited me to give a training session on what WordPress professionals need to do to migrate the sites they build and care for to PHP 8. This session is geared for WordPress…

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  • WordSesh 2022

    WordSesh 2022

    For this year’s WordSesh, I’m delivering a session that’s a case study on trying to keep a site online during a viral traffic surge, and a companion workshop where attendees will use the techniques discussed. Learn…

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  • The Week in WordPress #188

    The Week in WordPress #188

    I guested on The Week in WordPress for the week of 11/29.

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  • The Inevitable Mastodon Post

    The Inevitable Mastodon Post

    If you are as extremely, tragically Online as I am, you’ve been seeing the rapid decline of Twitter as the new management aggressively makes decisions almost as though he is trying to lose $44 billion on…

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  • 44


    A look back In my last trip around the sun I visited two countries I had never been to before, caught COVID in one of them and had to fend for myself in isolation, launched a…

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  • Friday Five

    One We went to Barcelona last month and loved it. I studied Spanish to the AP level in high school and what I discovered on this trip is that it’s all still in there, and if…

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