• WP Constellations, Episode 5

    WP Constellations, Episode 5

    I appeared on the WP Constellations podcast with my StellarWP colleagues, Michelle Frechette and Jeff Chandler, to talk all things Nexcess, WordPress hosting, and Success-as-a-Service.

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  • This Week in WordPress #261

    This Week in WordPress #261

    I was on This Week in WordPress with my colleagues Christine Clauder and Michelle Frechette. We had some really interesting conversations about onboarding as a new contributor to WordPress, accessibility, SLAPP lawsuits, and collaboration in the…

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  • Choosing the Hosting Plan that Works for You – WP Rochester

    Choosing the Hosting Plan that Works for You – WP Rochester

    I spoke at the Rochester WordPress meetup on the topic of choosing web hosting. It was a lovely group and we had a great time in the Q&A portion. Clearly I need to get my colleagues…

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  • Notes from the Product Management Road

    Notes from the Product Management Road

    I’m coming up on two years since my role switch to Product Manager, and this second year is when I feel like I’ve finally settled into it and have a sense of how to do it…

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  • Housekeeping Notes

    Housekeeping Notes

    I have re-skinned this here blog because I have had more and more occasions lately to tell people they can find me here, but wasn’t at all happy with how the previous homepage turned out, so…

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  • A Trip to Athens for WordCamp Europe

    A Trip to Athens for WordCamp Europe

    One of the perks of my job is that I get to travel to the flagship WordCamps we sponsor. Last year in Porto, even as I was lying in my hotel room with COVID, missing the…

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  • What is a product marketer?

    But really a product marketer, they understand the product, they understand the audience and they understand the market in which you’re operating. And from there they can figure out how to communicate with your audience about…

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  • Ship It Friday

    Communication and Influence is one of the four quadrants in the Growth Competency Model and it’s critical to a leader’s success in any function. Expert-level communicators get more attention, resources and support. The best part? It’s a lifelong…

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  • What We Need in a VP of Product Management

    Ask any great product manager how she learned her craft, and you’ll hear about an early mentor. Product management is hard, experiential, and doesn’t come out of books. We learn by watching and doing and stubbing…

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  • The Untold Tale of the Artichoke Parm, the Most Mysterious Sandwich in Brooklyn | Bon Appétit

    My yearlong fixation on The Sandwich helped me better understand my own city—the way it evolves and grows and changes but still carries its history with it, in the people and the food that sticks around.…

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